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Making Every Mistake

Hot Water!

Someone commented the other day on my bathtub drain installation saying I could give him pointers as he remodels his new foreclosure condo. I responded that I very much could especially since I had made all the mistakes on every project I have completed. My home-improvement projects are a lot like my life. 

Tonight was no exception.

After work at the marina, I set about adjusting the hot water valve in the recently fixed and update main  bathroom shower. When I first turned it on, it was just lukewarm. This would not do - I'm a woman - I like my showers nearly scalding. It's a known fact.

I asked friend and plumber Chuck what could be done. He said he could come over again and adjust the valve inside the handle. I said "isn't this something I can do?" He said sure but didn't tell me how - to be fair, I was working and busy and neither of us really had time.

Google and YouTube to the rescue - again. 

Mistake No. 1: I didn't watch the entire video, which included my particular model second, before I started taking the handle apart. I took it apart about two steps too many. 
I figure it's a learning device - I now know what the rest of the insides look like. Ha ha.

This is where I should have stopped - at the valve that needs adjusting

I stopped here

Mistake No. 2: After going back two steps, I put the rotational limitation stop - the black plastic ring - on in the exact opposite position I wanted - so when I tested the water, it was still just lukewarm.
I only had to remove the screw again on the handle and adjust the ring again.  Then success! Hot hot water - I put the handle cover back on and voila!

A 5-minute project that took me 45 minutes. It's par for the course. But I did it and I feel pretty damn good about that.

Time to take shower. 


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