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Stumped And Stopped

Permits? General Contractor? 

I got all excited last week because I thought I was going to have a working sink, which equals a finished kitchen, or nearly so. It also would mean getting to test out my garbage disposal switch.

My plumber friend squashed those dreams when he walked in and said, "Is this permitted?"

The world stopped right then and everything went into slow motion. Say it with me slowly. "Is this permitted?"

Permit. General Contractor. Words I have feared. It means more money, inspections and slowed progress. Inspections are good - I want the work done right. Everything else - ugh.

I had heard that working on a condo on my little island could be a pain. That the rules were long and vast. You can't even get to the rules on the city's Web site - there's  a secret code for contractors to get in and find out what needs to be permitted - or it seems that way. Apparently just about everything needs a permit in a condo. J ignored these rules and since no one stopped him, he just did the work - or some of it as you already know.

But now what?

Chris (marina, Jess's husband) gave me the name of a GC who worked on his place. He promptly returned my call and said it sounded like no sweat to pull the permit (though I know it will likely be a few weeks - I have heard permitting nightmare stories). However, this guy's license doesn't cover condos so he was going to have another guy call me. It has been almost a week - no call yet. I'm going to try him again today and then move on to someone else if I get no response - though the original GC was super nice and helpful. It's just busy this time of year.

The rules seem random. If you are in an single-family home, the owner can be her own contractor and pull permits AND do most of the work. In a condo, I can replace a toilet on the first floor, do tile and trim work and paint. I think that about covers what I'm allowed to do. I'm pretty sure that installing my storm door might have needed a permit - something I learned way after the fact and haven't confirmed.

No one in the condo complex has said anything though all three board members are in town for the winter.

Of course I will do what is required. It's just a matter of figuring out what that is and finding someone to get me there.

I have visions of "The Money Pit" - a 1986 film featuring Tom Hanks and Shelly Long. "Two weeks," the contractors repeatedly told them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmDX0tgONFs

While I wait, I think it's time to work on sailboats.


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