Hi y'all.

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Feeling Like A Badass

Me and My Tools

I cut through drywall today to expose the shower valve that needs replacing so I can have hot water in my guest shower - there has never been hot water in this shower.

I'm feeling like a bit of a badass even though I had to write on my to-do list today to take a shower.

That Dremel is a pretty powerful and exciting tool - to me anyway. I was nervous cutting - and the result is a bit of a crooked hole - but I did it and I feel amazing. So silly I know - people do this and don't think twice about it. It's all new to me though. So brag and jump around and smile about it I will.

I'm not going to over analyze this - I'm just going to enjoy the accomplishment! My friend and plumber Chuck is coming over tomorrow to replace the valve and help me even out the hole a bit.

Getting There