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Tea Mug Mahem

My Fumble Fingers

Since I have been out and down with asthma - yes still - I haven't been able to do anything in my condo or to my sailboats or in my life - mostly have been just lying in bed - and breaking tea mugs.

Or like now, up at 4 a.m. Three weeks of steroids means not much sleep.I'm thinking about having a cup of tea.

Anyone who knows me knows I like my hot tea - friend Oscar at Wake Up Marco has been making me giant mugs of cafe Au lait for at least a year, but lately I have returned to Earl Grey tea, with sugar and cream like my grandma Matlock used to make me. It is very comforting.

In the past 3 years, I have trimmed my coffee/tea mug collection and kept only those very special ones - because I don't have space for all the generic coffee mugs over the years even when some were from fun spots in towns where I lived. Duane, I still have the one you gave me when I spoke at Lindsey Wilson College more than a decade ago - was it two decades?

I have also gathered a few more special mugs - a hand thrown one from the Bothwells in Illinois, a lovely island mug from Sylvia, a gorgeous New Jersey made beauty Courtney gave me to replace one she broke that Cis (miss you everyday, Cis) gave me from lovely Maine. Courtney glued that mug for me and I still use it for pens and pencils.

This week alone, three of those lovely mugs have broken. Well, I broke them. I want desperately to blame the lack of oxygen to my brain. One of them fell off my night stand while I was sucking on a nebulizer tube. When it fell, full of tea, under the bed where I couldn't reach it, I slumped on the floor and just cried about my life. I quickly got over it - needed that meltdown.

I cried.

Yes, I will glue this one.

Poured hot water in for tea and it just leaked - big crack on the side. Forever to be the holder of lobster and crab crackers.

So if you are somewhere with lovely pottery, feel free to send me a mug. I'll handle it with kid gloves. Sniff. 

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