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Just Breathe

Big Plans Waylayed By Big Bad Asthma

It's Thursday - I had big plans this week that included lots of work at work, which is very busy and will be busier next week.; cleaning, straightening, moving around items in my condo; hanging pictures, tackling the file cabinet, getting a massage, running at least 3 days and going to yoga at least 3.

None of those things has happened because since Monday morning, I have been unable to breath well, laid up in bed with a nebulizer, propped up pillows, prednisone and a peak-flow meter.

Yesterday when I didn't put my contacts in and got out of bed only once before finally deciding around 4:45 p.m. that it was time for the ER, I did accomplish one feat: I programmed my remote to work with the flat-screen TV Chris gave me months ago. The TV is finally connected but not up on the wall yet - having some trouble with the mount (surprise surprise) and Chris is still looking for the screws to the back of the TV.

The TV is merely sitting on my dresser, propped up against the wall held by a very large and useless University of Kentucky Alumni Directory 2007.

The ER - hours there with my dear friend Erin - and Kate and Jess on standby and B in DC feeling helpless but he was super helpful in his concern and encouragement. I'm feeling better. Not great, not 50% but better. I think the healing has at least been kickstarted. I'm trying acupuncture this afternoon for the first time - hope that helps too.

I'm optimistic the breathing will improve quickly, then the prednisone takes over and I can get things done this weekend. I just have to take it easy until that happens and not let the prednisone guide me first.

Cheers to that, and the Kentucky Derby, which is Saturday.

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