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Christmas, New Year's Cards And The Unmarried, Unpetted, Unchilded

 Can't Follow the Rules and Making Up Words Too

I have been thinking about Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's cards - because well it's that time of year and if I don't do it this week, it's probably not happening.

I love getting holiday cards. I love getting cards. I love sending cards (though if my birthday cards to you are on time, well, it's almost unheard of).

I have received a few cards already - Bev is always the first - usually right after Thanksgiving. Aunt Jan and my friend Julie have sent theirs too. I got my sister Shane's today! I love them - thank you! 

Where I struggle is that I love the updates and the pictures of my friends and family and the sweet notes and I want to return that - with updates and pictures. Um, pictures of what? I don't have a husband, pets or children. Me in a yoga pose? Me running? Me in a kayak? Me in my sailboat I don't sail yet? Me with a palm tree? Me and my never-going-to-be-finished condo?

Honestly, I have been sick or injured or post surgery practically all year so I haven't done a ton of these things - especially the past 6 months. I have just gotten completely out of shape and added pounds of flesh. So I'm not terribly excited about pictures of me anyway. 

So funny. Or not funny. You just have to have a sense of humor and realize things could be worse. Right?

I want to be able to tell my far-away friends I'm happy and healthy in my finished condo, with my sailboat, training for the half marathon in January that I signed up for but now can't run, out fishing and kayaking. 

I'm happy. There are things that would make me happier - but aren't there always? I'm happy with much in my life.

With B (truly lovely).

With friends (though not with Jess and Chris moving next week!)

I'm not so healthy and that's my biggest obstacle.

Vicious cycle: asthma, allergies, sinus infection, steroids, SIBO (think pain, giant bloated belly, missed work, malabsorption of nutrients so there's never any energy for cleaning, running, hockey, work), antibiotics for SIBO.

Working on it all though and hoping my vein surgery will help at least get me back to exercising. Right left vein surgery was first. Left leg is Dec. 28.

My condo may never be finished.

One day, I'll get my sail on.

I'm incredibly lucky to have friends who want to get together, friends who visit and family coming soon - they keep me busy and pushing off chores at my house so I can hang out with them. haha. 

I try to do too much - always - because life is short and the dust will be here tomorrow to clean up.

And with that, back to the holiday cards (no I'm not afraid to say Christmas cards or Merry Christmas so don't get all fired up out there - but mostly since mine are always late, I combine and say holiday to include New Year's, MLK Day, Festivus, Kwanzaa, whatever). I want to write everyone a nice note - doing too much or at least as much as everyone else. 

Here's what is more likely happen: 
if any get purchased and sent, they might just say Love, Kyle. 

Or this blog might be my greeting. So know you are loved and missed and wished a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's season.  

Here are some pics to catch you up and show you I don't whine ALL the time:

At Glen and June's house

At Marek's

At Pelican Pier

At Karl's

Green and red solos - and Q!


Knife-wielding dishwasher - poor B

Christmas bicycle!

 Tour de Taverns bike pub crawl charity event aftermath

Happy night with friends

Sometimes Shawn Cassidy makes the day 

 Grandma Matlock traditional Christmas candy and my Wildcats

Happy yoga with friends

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