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Getting There

Note: I have been trying to finish this post for days but have been hit hard by some sort of intestinal madness that has been going on for months.

Holes in Walls, Working Showers

For the first time since buying my condo in May 2014, the main shower is functional - with hot and cold running water and new fixtures.

Don't worry - I haven't been washing myself in the bathroom sink like I did my dishes for so long and am now doing again because my dishwasher is broken. I have had a functioning shower in the master bathroom.

Getting the main shower working is a big milestone toward healing my condo and being able to have it reappraised and refinanced. Not to mention being able to have guests stay who aren't forced to share a bathroom with me or brush their teeth in the half bath downstairs.

To be clear - I'm not the one who fixed the shower - it was a job for an actual plumber. It took four hours, and the hole I cut in the drywall had to be expanded - a lot.

The next job here is mine though - I have to patch this sucker. I have an 8x8 access panel to put in and I bought a piece of drywall yesterday to cover the rest. I also have a step--by-step video on Home Depot's Web site and some advice from an Ace Hardware employee.

The dishwasher - well it was installed about four months after delivery but despite that the warranty has expired. And when I say installed, I mean it's working free standing - no counters to support it. That should make it easy for the repair person who is coming Friday to inspect, fix or take with him or her. At least after the person marvels at how it could possible work like that and that there's a miter saw next to it. Ha! FML right? Nah. All will be well.

I have a home warranty policy so I'm hoping it comes through. Smart move getting that policy last spring I think.

Accept Love, Release Fear

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