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Electricity - Should I or Shouldn't I?

A Shocking Concern

Electricity - I know nothing about it and it scares me. It apparently scares a lot of people - even those who deal with it frequently. J was always nervous when it came to electricity though he knew what he was doing.

I want to finish changing out the electrical receptacles - you know, the light switches and outlets. Not just the covers but changing the boring white switches and plugs to sexy black ones.

I watched J replace some of the receptacles  while I stood by and turned off and on breakers, ready to to push him off the wires if he was shocked. It seemed very complicated.

Should I try to finish it on my own? Ply a girlfriend with promises of wine and have her stand watch while I attempt this - after some research, the purchasing of at least one book AND a voltage tester?

The School House Rock "Electricity" song keeps running through my head:
Current flowing to and fro, makes a circuit of
Electricity, ElectricityVoltage is the pressure that makes it go.It's pushin' uh... Electricity, Electricity...Watts will tell you just how muchYou'll be usin'Uh... Electricity, ElectricityPowerful stuff, so watch that plug! It's potent
Electricity, ElectricityElectricity, Electricity


Keep you posted.


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