Hi y'all.

Welcome to my blog. I write about everything here - successes, failures and stumbles in healing my heart, my home, my health and a sailboat.

You Just Have To Laugh Or You'll Cry

Embarrassing Happenings of This Grownup

My water was turned off today. For Nonpayment.

That's right - I'm 45 years old, have a very good full-time job and now a part-time job - and my water was turned off.

These are the continuing remnants of the past year and a half of what was the right decision at the time - taking care of my then little family. I fell behind months ago on everything and am trying desperately to catch up while keeping a sense of humor about it all.

And while I'm being honest about these embarrassing days - I mean heck, I have already shown you my sinkless kitchen - last week my cable/Internet were turned off. My Internet - necessary  for me to do said well-paid full-time job - was restored the same day after I panicked trying to figure out how to scrounge up the back payment and my friend (who asked she not be named) plopped a credit card on me and said pay it and pay me back when you can.

The water - well, I received a notice the same day the Internet was turned off. I called and e-mailed the city right after the cable company, pleading my pathetic case and asking for more time - just until Oct. 31. I was told, just make a small payment to show you are making an effort and we'll work with you. I did just that that very day and thought I had until the end of this week. But wham! today, a red notice was tucked in my front door and the water was shut off. I called the city and said - but I thought we had a deal. They remembered me but said you didn't try hard enough, too bad. It will be restored when you pay the back amount of $300.

When it rains it pours I guess. I mean let's see how it could be worse - I could be alone, broke, exhausted and sick with the worst of awful non-fatal illnesses - the UTI. Oh wait! I actually have all those things going on! 

Yes, things could still be worse. I'm really really hoping I'm at the bottom of my worst though.

So let's laugh about all this and let it go - as the song says. (You're welcome for the ear worm).

It's going to be fine - I'm just going to have to keep crawling and climbing out of the muck.

I have amazing friends and family - near and far. I live in paradise. I have a great job that works my mind and challenges me and a really fun and interesting part-time job that also is a challenge and keeps me surrounded by great people all day. I will get over the UTI soon with the help of antibiotics. I will run and go to yoga and play hockey and work on my condo a little bit at a time and eventually get to my boat.

And I will eat Ramen like I'm back in college.

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