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Happy Things, Losing a Good Guy Too Soon, Bailing Boats

Running. Early Mornings. Laughing, Laughing. Damn Cancer.

A few exclamations are in order for the previous weekend. I'm afraid I didn't do anything new in my condo except clean it. Instead I had some alone time and didn't feel lonely, had some amazing-friend time filled with heart healing, soul expanding laughter AND I ran! I can run again - after many weeks and months of pain!!!! Counting on that to help with the heart healing.

The weekend started Thursday when after a therapy session, I persuaded my friend Jess to go to the beach with me at 3 p.m. instead of continuing with the home filing she had just started. We spent a couple of hours soaking up the sun, enjoying the sound of the surf and appreciating some of why we live here. Lucky lucky to have met some truly amazing people since moving to Marco almost two years ago - Jess is at the to of the list.
That night,  I visited another top-of-the-list friend - Kate - for dinner and watched as she prepared her bike for a triathlon set for Sunday. Stayed up and out too late for a girl who works at 5:45 a.m. It happens. 

Friday, I worked a half day so I was finished at 10 a.m. and decided climbing back into the bed I fought so hard to get out of earlier was the way to go - until noon. Then I did some major cleaning and decided I needed to get out of the house - spent an hour at the pool -- well the neighboring condo complex's pool actually - it overlooks a bay after all. 

Then for a run!!!  I was cleared the week before by my physical therapist to start run/walking - 1/4 mile walk, 1/4 mile run and build from there. Months before I strained my left hamstring playing hockey. So on a beautiful cooler Friday night, I set out for a longer run/walk situation. I tried a half mile run at a time and a 1/4 mile walk in between. I did this for 5 miles and enjoyed every second as I listened to "Moby Dick" on Audiobooks. Aside: I highly recommend this version of "Moby Dick."

I made a stop at the beach for an evening look. 

Saturday morning started with a 5:45 a.m. wake up. Thank goodness my favorite coffee shop and barista Oscar were ready with a cafe au lait to wake me up!
Jess and her husband had asked me to work at their marina for the weekend - pumping gas, scooping shrimp for bait, serving the amazing breakfast sandwiches and burgers Chris makes and pouring beers. I thoroughly enjoy this - even though it can be a long day on your feet, hard work on top of a full-time weekday job. 
The views can't be beat - 4 manatee swam near the pier Saturday and Sunday. There are always dolphins, fish feeding frenzies, beautiful sunrises, boaters, fishing and people having fun, enjoying life. 

Around noon, we received some sad news for all of us at the marina, for Marco Island and for many more - our friend Kirk had died after a battle with Cancer. Gone way too soon.  Damn cancer. 
Captain Kirk
Capt. Kirk was always jolly and positive. His cup was half full no matter what. He would have liked that many people gathered at a local bar late Saturday night to tell stories about him, to share a drink together, to play beer pong even. He would have liked that we think joyfully of life and him despite our sadness or because of. He was the first to join the party, take chances and opportunities - to celebrate life.

On to Sunday. Another early start. Up at 5 - had to hit up Starbucks because Oscar isn't open on Sundays in the slow season. Kate - triathloning Kate - picked me up at 6:15 to head up the road and onto the beach for the sprint. Winds were high and seas were rough so the swim was canceled. She would run bike swim. I was her person, she said. And I was honored at the title and the task ahead - which mostly just involved driving while she ate some oatmeal, cheering her and all the other participants on (Jess and her kids and I made signs), keeping her mom in Wisconsin informed and telling her her hair looked great during the transition when she took off her bike helmet!

Kate is awesome - she's a hoot and an incredible person. Together we laughed from 6:15 a.m. on. Good hearty, belly laughs filled with love and joy and silliness. And she did great! Finished strong!


After - hard-earned medal in hand! 
Kate and I then went to Chris and Jess's marina for me to work some, for NFL watching, food, to hang out with friends and I made some new ones.

I was also there to bail out my little sailboat. Remember me mentioning a fixer upper sailboat? It is sitting in the parking lot of the condo complex to which the marina is attached. It was poorly covered with a tarp (by me who needs to learn to tie knots better). The boat also needs to be propped up on blocks at an angle so water actually goes out the plug. I got her bailed out but need some stronger muscles to help me lift the trailer onto blocks.

It's been raining all morning today so I'll head back this afternoon to repeat the process and see if I can find someone to help me lift her up.

She's going to be a lot of work but I think an incredibly satisfying adventure with which to continuing celebrating and embracing life.

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