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Welcome to my blog. I write about everything here - successes, failures and stumbles in healing my heart, my home, my health and a sailboat.

Almost Daily

Almost Daily

Yay For Love and Friends

Ok, so I'm not your daily newspaper or department store email - but I'm not that far off with my promised posts.

I didn't fix anything, build anything or sail anything yesterday but I did spend a fabulous day - after work and a power outage - riding bikes with Bev, lunching and then B joined us for a  Kayak tour in our beautiful 10,000 islands.

We had, by the way, the world's most talkative and eco-shaming tour guide. It's hard to explain just how much she talked and just how far off topic she was capable of getting on what was supposed to be a 3-hour tour that turned into 4 hours, which would be fine under normal circumstances - but we all felt trapped! The woman needs an editor and a coach.

It was great to be out on the water nonetheless! And then we had a fabulous dinner at my favorite restaurant. Bev left this morning - after a much-needed visit. I miss us living close. (She really liked B, btw  - in case you were wondering).

After an hour of work and then breakfast with Bev, I spent most of the day fighting my insides - but working. After, I spent 3 hours working on paperwork for both the intermittent time-off I sometimes need for my chronic illnesses (this paperwork has to be refiled every 6 months) and paperwork for the function medicine doctor appointment on Friday. As Bev said "It's going to be worth it." Always positive - thanks Doc.

Being positive and up beat is something I'm really struggling with lately. And if you know me, you know that is just not me. For a cynical  journalist, I'm a glass-half-full, there's-something-positive-in -everyone,  the-world-is-my-oyster, Pollyanna-Glad-Game kinda girl. So this is tough for me and I hate being so self focused - dealing with my health. And I think it's hard for people who know me as me to be around me - it's not fun. I'm irritable and I hear my voice not sounding terribly pleasant - sometimes to those people I know and care about and sometimes to strangers (ugh).

My smiles are meh. I may have thrown a hanger at the closet last night when I was trying on clothes -finally ending in 1 of maybe 3 items in there that fit me. Every morning, there's the question: how do you feel? And that can change throughout the day. I could use a break from all this.

I want to be well so I can get healthy. And so I can stop thinking about myself all the time.

After all my paperwork, Sarah called. I miss Sarah and Charlie and their farm and their dogs and their cows and their laughs. I miss my room at their house, Sarah's delicious dinners by candlelight in their dining room or on the porch with spicy margaritas. I miss our long talks and late nights - and dancing.

We had such a great chat - a taste of a catch-up and some excellent laughs. xoxoxox

My insides have calmed down, I just did my nebulizer and I think I'll try a run/walk now. Of course that means dinner will be late - but I need the endorphins and to get outside.

Until tomorrow.

A Good Day

A Good Day

The One I Forgot to Post

The One I Forgot to Post