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Eating Pizza for Breakfast and Other Disasters


The aftermath - giardiniera spill

So this was my morning - pizza good - my sister Heather appreciates my breakfast choices. And my Chicago friends will appreciate that I put the yummy pickled vegetable treat that is giardiniera on said pizza. 

This shortly after B and I both remembered I wasn't supposed to drink anything last night before this afternoon's functional medicine doctor appointment. Two glasses of wine with dinner and my appointment is at 3. Should be fine right?

I'm slightly anxious about today's appointment. I spent hours this week filling out my health, life, lifestyle, home-life history for this doctor I hope can help me. Everything from whether I had chicken pox (I did) to whether I have carpet in my home (I do- upstairs and I hate it.)

The doctor wants to know what I hope to get out of a relationship with her. That's quite a question. I'm hoping to get my life back. I guess that's quite an answer.

Today is an interview of sorts I guess - what do I think of her? Do I think she can help me connect the dots? And I guess she will be answering the same.

B was listing off symptoms for me last night - trying to remind me so I remember to mention everything: weight gain (highest figure ever - last and only time doctors determined a medication I was taking was causing the unstoppable increase on the scale); feet and leg edema, swelling; gray feet (thanks for the reminder Bev); cramping; constipation; abdominal pain; headaches; increased asthma exacerbations; fatigue; memory loss; foggy brain,; irritability; depression; etc.

I almost want to take him with me. I'm lucky we found each other. I hope he feels the same. I think so. :)

Yesterday evening, B and I took a walk on our lovely beach. Discussing his work projects, my doctor appointment, friends, trips this summer, my blog posts, this weekend (Kentucky Derby!), my work trip to Miami, a trip we hope to take to The Keys.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? It was.

Until Tomorrow (or maybe late today)

Healthy is a Feeling

Healthy is a Feeling

A Good Day

A Good Day