Hi y'all.

Welcome to my blog. I write about everything here - successes, failures and stumbles in healing my heart, my home, my health and a sailboat.

Catching Up

The Picture Wall and More

I have been struggling to write an update - busy with work and friends (yay for having those though work is a huge source of stress these days),; anxious about money (in a nutshell - the refi is a bust - we'll try again in January and hope for higher appraisal; I sued J for the loan he owes me but he has run away from his problems so I'll have to hunt him down for it; I guess I'm going to have to keep working a second job);  love and life - happy happy happy but freaking out a bit about possible changes and definite ones - best friends here are moving north - way north; my health (the never-ending fun of asthma and SIBO); my out-of-shapeness (see previous); the election - aren't we all stressed out about our country's future?  I wonder if doctors are handing out more anti-anxiety meds in this presidential year?

I kind of want to crawl under the covers for about a week or seven. But I won't - I can't. I'll just keep running (though I'm very bad at it these days - more of a run/walker - seriously?!). And I'll keep getting myself to yoga - beach and otherwise. And I'll keep smiling.

And now on with the blog! What am I writing about again? Oh yes, healing my home, my heart and my sailboats! 

*Home projects

I mostly finished the picture wall - except for some pictures I want to hang up high and can't reach. It makes me happy as I walk up and down my stairs. Jennie in Boston and my sister Heather in Tennessee were inspiring and encouraging. Good peeps and good memories on this wall. 


I moved my Sunfish from Capt. David's home (thank you David and lovely family) onto an unused jet ski lift at my parents' house (thanks Mom and Dad) and put her in the water to see if she was seaworthy. She is mostly - there was some moisture in the cockpit after my test run. I bought some Flex Seal (Karl recommended) that I still need to spray on to waterproof her. I say I moved her but really it was Karl and Brendan. I supervised (I'm sure you suspected as much).

Still need to rig the Sunfish and actually learn to sail (haven't I been saying this for a while?). I did watch a great video on rigging a Sunfish 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zspatJufR5I - This teenage girl is amazing!

Brendan was taking pics in case I fell in! 

Just paddling my sailboat.

My still-not-sanded wooden sailboat remains at Riverside Club until all boats have to be moved from the parking lot for tourist season. Where I'll put her after that - I don't know - but I hope I can keep her close so I can actually work on her.
Looking futuristic - but really the peeling 1971 Enterprise Dinghy is under here!

*Life, my heart

B is out of town again and I miss him. 

Jess, Chris, Max, Finley, Paul and Annie are moving North - and soon! I'm really down about it. They're my Marco family.
Chris is selling the marina where I work in weekends - my fishing, beer drinking, Packers watching family. 

Marco family

Fishing family

*Other good things
Happy little sea horse from Oscar

Visit from besty Bevie Lou

If you're going to run/walk a 5K because you can't breathe, good to have Bev there to tell you you might not die and to get you beer and make you smile.

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