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Because I Said I Would

Here We Go - Short and Sweet

I said I would so here I am.

Not sure what I have to say. It was a rough day in my intestines. I slept about two hours last night and work 2 hours today. After that, I was mostly curled up in a ball all day. Hoping the antibiotics kick in soon. They seem to be - looking forward to feeling better for work tomorrow.

I found some happy later when my stomach calmed down and I had slept. I plotted my next project, had a good chat with Lisa and some texting with Jess. I had had dinner plans with a long-time friend - Ty - visiting nearby this week. I was glad I was able to make it  - and said a quick hello to the beach while I was in Naples.

And B got home - finally - after two weeks away. Yay! He's sitting right here - hi! He asked "did you blog today like you said you would?"

 My next projects are simple, I think. I need to hang a shade in my bedroom, replace the vanity light in my upstairs main bathroom and take the fan down in my bedroom and adjust the faulty wiring (thanks LMFH who claimed to know all about - well all).

Keep you posted...
Cheers Ty

Hello beach

One happy moment

Inspiration for Days

Inspiration for Days

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