Hi y'all.

Welcome to my blog. I write about everything here - successes, failures and stumbles in healing my heart, my home, my health and a sailboat.


Always Waiting - Rather Be Moving

The frantic work for refi is possibly all for nought. The $700 spent for appraisal and condo docs may have just been thrown away. I'm still waiting and being asked to spend more money to improve that credit score just a few more points. Meanwhile I'm going broke doing it. This isn't helping I don't think.

So I wait - wait to figure out what to do; wait to win the lottery to be able to finish my home (of course one needs to play to win right?); wait to take a vacation; wait to buy a new air conditioner; wait to feel less financial stress. Thanks J.

Of course I know these are mostly first-world problems and I should be grateful I have plenty to eat, a safe and healthy environment to live in, anything I actually need and loving friends and family. And I am grateful.

Meanwhile I'm also waiting for other non-material things:

My health. My injured calf keeps me from running. I was able to do yoga on Marco but I'm in Kentucky and I'm going to have to make it up at home. Should be interesting. It's frustrating - but I AM getting more sleep. Normally when in my hometown, I would be up at 4:30 running with my sister Chelle.

My life. Still sort of waiting to see where it takes me and how it intertwines with other people's lives - my family, B, etc. I used to be able to look ahead in life and imagine my world - I don't now. I just live day by day. Maybe that's the best way? I don't know.

For now, I'll just wait for my nieces and nephews and other siblings to arrive for my nephew's wedding - and I'll enjoy every minute with them.

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