Hi y'all.

Welcome to my blog. I write about everything here - successes, failures and stumbles in healing my heart, my home, my health and a sailboat.

Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Women and Pineapples


Saturday's plan to start the learning-to-sail process (see last post*) was waylaid by thunderstorms - my timing in the middle of summer rains and hurricane season clearly isn't the best. I worked at the marina and fished after work in the rain.

Caught a cute little sheeps head and a nasty ocean catfish

As for the sadness  - I have had a few extreme moments lately for sure - over B and other moments about life in general (money, messes, not being able to run or play hockey, missing family). I'm trying to always look at all I DO have and follow the pineapple way of thinking.

And with B -  "Hey, now you know how much you care about him," my friend Kim said Saturday night when I ran into her as I walked to the grocery store (forced myself out of bed because I promised Dougie and Kaylee I would make guacamole at the marina the next day).

Very true - I hadn't realized just how much. Another bright note - aren't I lucky to have B in my life to miss when we're apart. And he comes home Friday - yay!

 Other happy, lucky, blessed moments recently:
Dinner catch up with lovely Erin

Selfies with my nephew Max

With Grandaddy KenKen
at my nephew Josh's wedding in Kentucky

Seester time!

B's birthday dinner at Nobu

Reminder from sister Heather and her most awesome lovely daughter Ana

Jess and Chris's Finley turned 4

Finley's grandma Madame G was the star entertainment

New addition to Minke the Mini Cooper makes me smile

All this beauty and love around me. Embracing it and trying to be a pineapple.

Artistic Interpretation

Oh The Messes You'll Make