Hi y'all.

Welcome to my blog. I write about everything here - successes, failures and stumbles in healing my heart, my home, my health and a sailboat.

Things I Know Among Uncertainties


"The human heart yearns for the beautiful in all ranks of life" - Harriet Beecher Stowe

So many things in life - in my life - are uncertain.

I'm completely OK with that - I don't need everything mapped out. And thank goodness for that since it never has been! I'm hopeful about a happy future. I'm happy now - why wouldn't I be happy later? What later will look like I have no idea. I hope I can get to all the things I want to. I hope there's love and companionship in a romantic sense but I know there will be with friends and family.

For now, what I know for certain includes the following:
  • There will always be another project to tackle in my condo
  • Running - it's part of me even when I can only think about it. 2 slow, lung hurting miles this morning 
  • Asthma stinks
  • Hockey - finally got back on the ice last Sunday
  • Fishing - dropped a line in for the first time in months and it felt great
  • Everything is better after yoga even when it was already good
  • I have the most amazing friends - all over the country and the world - AND on this lovely place I call home
  • My family will always love me
  • The sun WILL come out - figuratively and literally
  • Tourist season won't last forever (grocery shopping with a glass of wine eases the pain of season)
  • I can always complain or marvel at my first-world problems and I guess aren't I lucky to have them to complain about?
  • Everyone who enters my life - even briefly - is there for a reason
This post was supposed to be about my latest project below but I got sidetracked.

No major construction or plumbing lately. Lots of straightening, organizing, sorting and purging. 

Tonight - after Nacho Tuesday at the pier - no B, no Jess and Chris had to head home to get ready for the next day's fishing tournament - of which I was the volunteer leader -  I came home wondering what I should have for dinner. I saw the two teak towel bars that had arrived last week and decided I would install them - cleverly attaching them to the temporary plywood counter tops. Not permanent fixtures - though I want to incorporate them later when I install the concrete counter tops - but good and helpful and lovely for now.

Good and helpful and lovely for now - I like this idea. It's like being present in the moment - every moment - and not thinking about what's ahead or behind. Yoga instructor Julia reminded we yogis to do this last night.


Stupid Excited and Proud