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Trying to Get the Cart Back Behind the Horse

So what I put in the kitchen sink and base cabinet before I replaced the tile so it's not permanent? At least I have a fully functioning kitchen now. I kind of had to do things backward to know what I need to do to go forward.

I have tackled a lot of projects in this condo since buying it almost 2 years ago and since sort of taking all the planning and the work on myself (with lots of help) last June.

But man! There are so many more projects to be done.

I'm at a standstill because they are big expensive projects that I'm not sure I can or want to do myself. The biggest of these is the need to replace the tile and carpet throughout my home. I have to do this downstairs before my counter tops can be attached to the floor and walls and before I can add permanent counter tops. Probably $5,000 each floor. I'm sure I can save a lot if I take the tile and carpet out myself. All things that need to be decided and saved for.

And yet, I'm decorating some because ya know that makes sense. I bought a lamp and throw pillows and am soon going to hang a mirror over the couch - as soon as I scrape the paint I got on the glass and try to smooth out some of my poor spray painting.

I have started to build a coffee table - next post!
In the middle of this and two jobs, asthma is rearing its ugly head, and it's March Madness Baby! Go Cats!

And for the heck of it and because I'm all over the place in this post (I'm going to blame the Prednisone for my ADD behavior here but it might just be me), here's a video and great remake a friend sent me the other day. 

Disturbed "The Sound of Silence"


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