Hi y'all.

Welcome to my blog. I write about everything here - successes, failures and stumbles in healing my heart, my home, my health and a sailboat.

Others Live In The Disarray Like I Do - Kind Of

Someone Who Gets It

Since this blog also is about healing my heart, I'm going to talk a little bit about B. He might cringe at this. I probably won't publish this. But maybe I will.

B moved to this island like I did - after a lifetime of visiting - and moved into a condo his parents owned and use mostly as a rental property. He has continued with the job he had up North while searching for a place to buy in this area.

Two years ago, that was me exactly.B bought a foreclosed condo. Ditto.
B is now finding himself overwhelmed by the projects at hand to make improve his condo as he tries to work, make friends, get to know the area and workout. Ditto.

Having that in common certainly doesn't make for a match but it does make for some common interests and problems that we share. It's nice to go to his place and see the disarray and to see the completion of projects such as when he installed his new dishwasher last weekend. I was there for the end of it - helping a very little bit - but getting to cheer him on when it was finished. I love that feeling of accomplishment. He was very proud and should have been!

It has been refreshing and comforting to hang out with B - (I haven't asked him if I can write about him so an initial will have to do for now). While he doesn't have the baggage of a J and K in his life, we're sort of on the same page in our lives - except he has also added the stress of a new career to the mix.

But he's not a project himself. I mean we all are in a way, aren't we? Growing, changing, amending ourselves as we move through life.

I think I give myself a little slack now knowing it's OK to live in a bit of chaos with boxes still unpacked, nothing totally finished and little free time. My friends aren't judging me for how long it is taking me to finish this place and they come by when they have time - we are all strapped for free time. B visits here without judgment - at least it's mostly clean if a bit of an obstacle course to get through. And I don't judge his place. I can see the potential. I went over last week and it was already much improved! He's moving along faster over there than I am - but I'm not comparing. Like yoga, this isn't a competition.

I am enjoying whatever this is and getting to know each other. I think I can speak for him in this instance in that he is enjoying this too.
  To personify "this" -  it's smart, funny, fun, silly, comforting, unpredictable, surprising. I'm not here making a declaration of any kind; that might scare us both - haha. But whatever it is, I like it. And damaged as my head and heart still might be, they are on the mend for sure. 

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