Hi y'all.

Welcome to my blog. I write about everything here - successes, failures and stumbles in healing my heart, my home, my health and a sailboat.

Another Project, Another Mishap

No But Really - I'm Kind of a Walking Hazard

So what I'm saying is if I can do all this, anyone can. Or at least can try.

I laugh at myself even in frustration because it's all just mostly ridiculous - and something, and often so very basic, to learn.

Today, for example, I decided on short break from work, to install a smoke detector downstairs. There's one upstairs but hasn't been one downstairs since I moved in in September 2014 - yikes! There's no excuse, I bought a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide alarm way back when - they've been sitting in a box. Shame on me. Glad I'm not dead.

But back to the mishaps.

* Tried three different drill bits until I finally made the correct sized hole for the anchors. Repeated this on the carbon monoxide alarm - you'd think I would have learned.

* "Lightly tap anchor with hammer if needed." Instead, I beat it into submission until it was warped and bent and useless. I had to remove it with needle-nose pliers and try again with a different anchor.

* Accidentally kicked plastic container of screws and anchors, sending them flying all over the living room.

* Stripped screws supplied with the smoke detector by using a drill with screw driver bit a little too enthusiastically. Grabbed other screws but then the smoke detector wouldn't attach properly because I didn't use flat screws - these had some depth to them. Removed them, found some flat screws and replaced them.

Tripping through life and doing everything twice because that's how I roll. 

No matter - smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm are up and working! Here's the proof:

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