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Small Projects

Little Efforts Can Make a Huge Difference

I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open - I have actually been that tired since about 8 p.m. But my Kentucky Wildcats were playing basketball and I was determined to do something small in the condo tonight. More than just changing the light bulb in the porch light, which I did last night.

Before the second half of the disappointing away game against LSU, I decided to change out the pocket door latch in the powder room. (It was that or sit and stew and scream while I watched the game. This way, I just listened and threw nothing at the television).

The latch arrived yesterday - one day to project seems pretty good progress to me. I was changing out an old brass latch with paint on it for a new dark bronze one that matches the faucet I installed.

Taking the old latch out was simple - two screws and the 3-piece latch practically fell out.

I pushed the latch onto the existing door cutout and realized it was backward - the lock hammer kept falling - it was upside down. That meant I had to unscrew each plate and switch them around so the hammer could be pulled up to open the door. Easy enough.

Then I batted the new latch into place and the screw holes were just slightly off - close enough that using a drill was all the work needed to put them in place.

There was one piece left I was trying to figure out where it went and what it was when a light bulb turned on over my head as if in a cartoon: the facing lock plate. The old one was painted over - by me no doubt - I hadn't noticed it.

Now there was trouble - the screws were stripped. I tried a few methods - drill, flat head screwdriver, the Force. I'm leaving it until tomorrow when I'm more awake and alert.

At least the main part of the project is complete. I like the look.

And now sleep.


Rough Seas