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Successful Projects And Happy Surprises

Small Successes Can Mean Big Steps Forward 

I bought a Dremel rotary tool. 

It's a fairly inexpensive and small piece of powerful awesomeness. 

I bought the Dremel 
with one project in mind but believing I'll find many other uses for this varied attachment tool. Cutting, sanding, carving, engraving, grinding, sharpening, polishing - doesn't it all sound exciting? 

I only knew this tool existed because J got one for Christmas from his dad last year. He told me we could use it for many projects but the first and foremost was going to be to cut the bolts on the toilet he installed in the master bath. It never happened - my fault too. I could have picked up the Dremel and figured out how to use it and cut the bolts. 

But today was a new day, my friends. 

I bought the Dremel yesterday at Ace, spent 20 minutes figuring out how to attach one of the two cutting discs that came with the tool, and today, I cut the bolts and attached the covers.

A small success that feels huge.

Before tackling the unpacking, room cleaning or anything else tonight, I drove over to see my friend Q while she was bartending and to have a happy, beautiful-night, successful project cocktail and my favorite comfort food - a stacked potato. (Yes, I know I didn't go the whole month without drinking - I should have chosen October before people started visiting - oh well, I know I can, I just chose not to after a week but still much less often and that was my goal anyway).

Q is lovely. She's smart, funny, kind and tells it like it is. She's observant and thoughtful and intuitive. I'm lucky to call her a friend. I met her by just going into the restaurant where she works and chatting with her when I moved to Marco two years ago. Turned out she and my closest friends here - who I met later - are like family. Turned out, she feels like family.  My friend Constantine also was working, along with one of the owners, Peter, and sweet Sara. The restaurant and bar feel homey to me and it's a good place to go - even when I don't want a cocktail.

Many locals feel the same. It's nice that way. Q's best friend and "partner in crime" was there having dinner with her husband and some friends. She too is a lovely woman. She waived and ran over to me the when I sat down to show me the many bracelets she was wearing - inspired by the ones I wear, she said. She made all of her beautiful wired and mostly beaded bracelets - and they are beautiful. She said she'd make me one, and then said, no, I want to give you one of these. She proceeded to look at me and think and try to pick the right one. 

I think the beadless, silver charm was a perfect choice - and what a brilliant surprise. Another small something that feels huge.

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