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Of Lists and Things

Moving Forward?

I used to make fun of my mom and her lists - especially the one she made and kept each year for Thanksgiving cooking. My siblings and I still tease her mercilessly about that list on the manila envelope colored note card - but it's all in jest.

I understand the lists now. I get it.

I need to start making them again. I feel so accomplished with a list. I check things off during the day. I spread tasks out over the week so I don't feel overwhelmed. I make a new list daily, adding anything I didn't get done the day before.

I LOVE to check off items on my to-do lists or grocery lists. Not cross out, mind you. Check off - I feel like it's more positive than crossing out.

Or I used to.  I haven't been motivated to make a list since J, K and Largo left. Lists kind of ruled my life - so many things to do and people to organize and help.

Now, I just spontaneously do task as I have time. And that's OK - I'm not kicking myself. I'm still getting things done. I think getting back to lists will be my next big accomplishment.

I'll do it tomorrow. I wonder if I should write that down?

The Mean Reds

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