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Owls, Dogs, Cats - Should I Get a Rabbit Instead?

My very dear friend Allison calls pets fuzzies - a perfect description for those furry friends who become part of the family. I stayed with her, her husband, their dog and their cat for a few months a couple of years ago and adopted the moniker. It was so nice to have the fuzzies around - especially when no one else was home. I miss having a fuzzy.

I miss my exdog. I can't bring myself to move the jar of dog treats I kept by the stairs for when  Largo and I returned from our walks.

Largo and Kyle

I miss my cat too - a big orange Maine Coon named TGO - The Great One after hockey legend Wayne Gretzky if you didn't know. TGO died of cancer in 2008 at the age of 10. Until Largo came into my life, I wasn't really ready to let another fuzzy in - losing TGO was so hard. I'm thinking I might be ready for a fuzzy of my own again. My therapist might think it a good move too. 


But what kind of fuzzy? 

I would love to persuade the burrowing owl living outside my condo to move in here with me. She's terribly cute . She showed up one day last week. I named her Henrietta Hoots after asking friends for suggestions.  I have thought about leaving a trail of beetles in the doorway and leaving the door open. 

Henrietta Hoots

Or maybe a bunny. My friend Jess has a bunny named Boobs who is super soft and cuddly except when he is biting you. Her kids mess about with him and he is mostly OK with it. Think he would sleep next to me?

Still mulling this over. Suggestions welcome. 


Two girls and a Cockroach

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